Why choose Bitnovo for your Bitcoin operations?

1. What is Professional Bitcoin? Professional Bitcoin is an activity focused on the exchange service between bitcoins and euros. In bitnovo we have managed to simplify the purchase of bitcoins for professionals and individuals since until now the process was really complex. We are also the pioneers in implementing our win-win system for professionals by creating a network with physical outlets where they can sell bitcoins to their customers. Bitnovo is the first company to have the professional Bitcoin service until today. We have developed this platform thinking of providing it with simplicity, security and speed. Your client will be able to buy bitcoins in your establishment. If you may be interested in expanding your business income with our service, you can request your access to our professional bitcoin platform bitcoin professional or directly consult the information about our professional service of Bitcoins selling more deeper. However, you can contact us any questions you may have about our professional bitcoin service at any time.

2. What is bitnovo? Our company is one of the most important ¨Fintech¨ with 100% Spanish capital specialized in the sale of Bitcoins B2B / B2C and products associated with this cryptocurrency. Our activity is focused on the exchange between bitcoins and euros. In bitnovo we have managed to simplify the purchase of bitcoins for professionals since until now the process really complex. Bitnovo has been backed by a company specialized in the financial sector for more than 5 years.

3. What is Bitcoin? The Bitcoin is a monetary unit, crypto currency or virtual currency. Bitcoins are not printed like dollars or euros, they are produced in virtual form by a network of computers distributed around the world that use open source software and specific hardware to solve mathematical problems. Bitcoin is characterized by being a decentralized currency, without the backing of any government or dependence on the trust of a central issuer. As in any other traditional currency, you experience ups and downs in your quote when you are trying to convert to another currency.

What is the difficulty of making a payment with Bitcoin? Bitcoin payments are easier to carry out than those made with credit/debit cards or other paymethods. Bitcoins can be received without the need for a merchant account. Payments are made from the wallet application by entering the address of the recipient's Wallet and the amount to be paid. To facilitate the introduction of the address many purses can be obtained by scanning a QR code or by joining two phones with NFC technology.

4. Bitcoin is legal? The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in a dispute that took place in Sweden in June 2015. In that case, the Tax Agency of the country intended to levy a tax on the transactions with Bitcoin that were taking place in a forum dedicated to this virtual currency. This decision means that European citizens can buy and sell Bitcoin without paying taxes in these operations. In this way Bitcoin received the same treatment as other currencies that are in circulation throughout the world, and therefore this court equated it with currencies of legal tender in this area.